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Introducing myself, plus last night's episode

Last night's episode of Ed has driven me to seek out communities of the show's fans... I've gotta talk about this with someone who gets it, and most of my friends don't watch (their loss). So, here goes...

I figured there'd be some fallout from Ed's no-show at Carol's wedding, and I figured she'd blame him for the whole thing. But damn, last night's episode went a lot farther than I expected. The predictable ending would be for them to kiss and make up -- or at least make up -- but they didn't go that route.

Carol starts to kiss Ed. And he stops her. She realizes she loves him, maybe. And he realizes she's not worth killing himself over. Wow. Like I said, I expected them to at least part as friends. But that, "We're done" Carol said as she left the bowling alley ... damn, that stung. I'm sure that things will heal as time goes on, if the series sticks around all season, but what a wallop.

Of course, there's some nasty subtext to all of this season. Ed's sweeping romantic gestures were sweet in intent, and I think his concerns about Dennis were genuine (not just jealousy, though there was some of that as well). But at the same time, there's fine line between loving devotion and stalking. I mean, really -- the idea of a guy showing up in a suit of armor to serenade his lady fair works in TV and movies, but I don't know one woman who wouldn't call 911 if that happened in real life.

First post here, so go easy on me...
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