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Does anyone know anything about the actor playing Mark? It must've taken a lot of courage to film that last episode, but I hope for his sake that he's making a concerted effort to lose weight. I've always liked his character, and the fact that both he and Molly are not model-perfect, but he's not just large, he's dangerously obese. Any word on whether he's considering the surgery or starting an intensive diet and excersize regime to coincide with his character's?
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They had a small interview with him in People magazine a few weeks back. He already had the surgery and has already lost somewhere between 50 and 100 pounds (I forget how much) and that's why it was written into the show. He said they didn't want him to explain away his weight loss by some diet to give people false hope so they had his character go through the same thing.
Oh, good. I'm glad both that he got the surgery and that they're dealing with it realistically on the show.
Hey I'm new here, but I had to respond to that one because me and my friends had this same conversation the other day. We decided that it would HAVE to be real, because the actual operation produces such drastic results that it would be nearly impossible to fake it. Well, I'm glad to be here with fellow Ed fans (we seem to be so rare).